We offer
different Services like
  • Green Waste
  • General Waste
  • Clean Heavy Waste
  • Mixed Heavy Waste

Green Waste

Green waste only eg.grass clippings, shrubs, branches, tree trunks smaller than 200m in diameter and 500mm long, untreated timber, wood chip and bark with NO soil attached

General Waste

Household waste eg. clothes, toys, cardboard, kitchenware etc. Light commercial waste eg. office furniture, stationary etc. Light building construction waste, NO bricks, NO concrete, NO tiles, NO carpet, NO Soil, NO sand

Clean Heavy Waste

Must ONLY be one of these waste types, bricks and mortor, concrete, roof tiles, floor tiles, metal or steel (2m BIN ONLY)

Mixed Heavy Waste

Waste from domestic or commercial demolition, construction, renovation etc. Bricks, tiles, concrete, etc, green waste, metal, steel, general waste, NO Asbestos, NO Hazardous Material, NO Sand, NO Dirt/Soil.